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Originally Posted by KatieMorag View Post
no offence taken......water off a pig's back (to mix metaphors).
Last time I moved - 23 years ago - we hadn't even had our house on the market but were approached by an investor was buying up properties in the area for student digs.....we'd been thinking of moving anyway (we were in Luton at the time and wanted to move back to North London) so we took the opportunity. We went through with all the legal stuff but somehow we got our wires crossed and were waiting to hear from his side when he phoned demanding to know why we weren't out yet as he had to get the place ready for the students by September and it was now nearly August. I was booked in for a Caesarian on the 9th and had to stay near the hospital due to complications, so we couldn't complete until the day the baby was born. So the day before was rather hectic......removal van came in the morning to take all our stuff down to my parents' house, then my ex had to drop me off at the hospital, take my daughter down to East Finchley, then return to pick up the cat (which didn't have a basket and spent the whole motorway journey jumping round the car shitting.) And this was before we'd even exchanged contracts........

I don't know the meaning of stress having read that......funny last time we moved was 23 years ago also
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